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NuLabour and ‘Britishness’

March 27, 2008

I just had to quote this remarkable posting from Peter Hitchens’ Sunday Mail blog on the subject of the bizarre witterings of NuLabour on ‘Britishness’ and the idea of an ‘oath of allegiance’. It sums up perfectly why we now need a British Resistance Movement. 

‘The people who destroyed Britain now say they want to revive something called “Britishness”.

This is as grimly funny as a gangster funeral, where the murderers pile enormous wreaths on the coffin of the man they butchered.

It also completely misses the point. “Britishness” grew out of our forgotten talent for leaving each other alone, for private life and private pursuits – and a general resistance to being organised, plus a dislike for what used to be called Nosey Parkers.

How can this flourish in an age when the taxman can force entry to our homes on the say-so of some unaccountable official?

Our ancient culture was a forest that took a thousand years to grow and less than half a century to cut down. Now that the trees are all flattened, the people who massacred them find that they are shivering in a howling wilderness that they are powerless to restore to its former shape.

All the funny money “private finance initiatives” in the world, all the taxes they can raise, all the concrete and plastic they can buy, cannot rebuild a forest.

This is why nothing that they do works. The old mechanisms of loyalty and respect for authority – which these revolutionaries despised – are broken. They can shout all kinds of instructions at us, but nobody is really paying attention to anything they say.

They decree better schools and hospitals, and produce sinks of infection and ignorance, because they have destroyed conscientiousness and dutifulness, and sabotaged obedience.

They decree an end to “anti-social behaviour” but the loping packs of feral youths pay no attention, and carry on kicking people’s heads as if they were footballs.

Is this any surprise in a country whose leading minds have devoted the past half-century to dismantling absolute morality, the married family and the idea of punishment?

They claim to be concerned about the planet – in the abstract.

But in reality they preside over the gross, foul-smelling uglification of a country that was, within living memory, one of the most beautiful on Earth.

They claim to be concerned about the break-up of the United Kingdom, a break-up they pursued with vigour when it suited them.

Now they drivel on about a “national day” and an “Oath of Allegiance”, pilfering their ideas from the USA, a country they understand even less than they understand their own.

Imagine it, sullen 18-year-olds, clutching diplomas they can’t read after years confined in schools which they hate and which hate them, grudgingly muttering some semi-literate, politically corrected formula as they stand in front of a Union Flag made meaningless by our national surrender to the EU, by our other surrender to the IRA and by our appeasement of tiny-minded separatists in Edinburgh and Cardiff.

The day that happens, we will know, finally and for certain, that Britain is dead.’