With the advent of the Lisbon Treaty, otherwise known as the EU ‘constitution’, our elected representatives have finally and comprehensively signed away the last shreds of British sovereignty and independence. We are now no longer British subjects, as we have been for the last 300 or so years – we are effectively EU serfs. About 70% of the rules and regulations that govern our lives emanate not from our elected Parliament, but in the form of aptly-named ‘directives’ from the corrupt, authoritarian, unelected and unaccountable EU Commission. As we have been betrayed by the quislings on our own side, starting with Edward Heath and contintuing to Gordon Brown and beyond, our only option if we wish to regain our independence and democracy as a nation is to form a resistance movement – like the anti-Nazi resistance movements in the 2nd World War, and the dissident movement that helped to bring down the Soviet Union. I want to help with this, so I offer this blog as a gathering place and discussion forum. It will be a long struggle, and it won’t be easy, but if we believe in ourselves, and in the ultimate spirit of the British people to resist tyranny and oppression, I believe we can defeat the centralised, totalitarian monster which is the EU, and bring it down. We need to give a voice to the silent majority of British people who know that something is wrong, but so far have been conned into submission; once they begin to realise the extent of the fraud and betrayal that has been practised on them, I believe they will wake up and fight again for their freedoms, as they have in the past. ‘Never give in’, Churchill said. And we won’t.

N.B. The author of this blog is a member of the UK Independence Party, but the blog has no official connection with that party or any other. All opinions on here are those of the contributor only.


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