Time for a British Resistance?

As of now – early 2008 – we have reached a situation in the UK where the very existence of our country, as a sovereign independent parliamentary democracy, and the coherence of the British identity and way of life are threatened as never before. On the one hand we have been completely betrayed by our ‘elected representatives in relation to the EU – right from the beginning, when the quisling Edward Heath led us into the then EEC with a totally dishonest assurance that it was purely a trading association (‘common market’ as the phrase then was), with no question of future financial or political union, to the recent acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty, or EU Constitution, which initiates a President, Foreign Minister, armed forces, police, etc. for what is unmistakably a unified European state, of which Britain (or rather the assortment of ‘regions’ which used to constitute Britain) is merely a province. About 70% of our laws and regulations now stem from the unnaccountable and unelected EU Commission, and EU ‘law’ takes precedence over English and Scots law. In other words we are now ruled by a foreign power. All this has been done against the will of the majority of British people, who are increasingly hostile to the whole EU project, and the promise of a referendum on the constitution has been contemptously ignored. On the other hand, and at the same time, under more than a decade of New Labour government Britain has been subjected to what amounts to the biggest foreign invasion of its history by far, in the form of completely uncontrolled mass immigration – again against the wishes of the majority of its people. Not only have millions entered ‘by right’ from EU states, but unspecified millions have entered illegally from every corner of the world, with devastating impact on services like health, education and social security, not to mention just space alone in what was already a comparatively small, overcrowded country. The doctrines of so-called ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘political correctness’ have insured that most of these uninvited ‘guests’ have been encouraged not to integrate, so that in our major cities there are vast ghettoes where English is hardly spoken and customs that have no history in this country and are in many ways actually objectionable to British values are followed openly; in certain areas whole towns have effectively been taken over by one ethnic or religious group and most of the indigenous population whose families and way of life had been established for centuries have either been driven out or are reduced to cowed minorities in their own homes. We have created third-world conditions in our own land and imported organised crime and medieval cultural practices from around the world. Many British people now feel like strangers in their own country, and when they express justifiable dismay at this are labelled ‘racists’, ‘bigots’ and ‘xenophobes. There is a sense of great anger, frustration and despair across the nation, and many feel that things have got to the point where there is no hope. Is this true?

Well. It will be true, if we let it be. In the face of this massive crisis for Britain and its people, there are really only three alternatives: (1) to surrender (2) to join the enemy (3) to fight back. It is the last option which is the one most British people will identify with. We surely haven’t come through so many centuries of struggle, when people fought and died for liberty under the law and rose to the challenge repeatedly to defeat the continental tyrannies that threatened us and the whole of Europe, to roll over and give up now?

I believe what is needed is a British Resistance movement – similar to those that have resisted tyranny and injustice over the centuries. Like the brave dissidents in the former Soviet Union, we will have to be prepared to persist for years – decades – in sometimes very discouraging circumstances – to achieve our final aim: the restoration of our national independence and the sovereignty of our own elected parliament (for all its faults, still one of the most admired and effective representative institutions in the world), taking back control of our own borders and who crosses them, and the reassertion of a whole series of traditional values and ways of doing things that have for so many generations made up our distinctive British way of life, but have been subjected to wholesale attack and undermining in the last few decades.

This blog is intended as a rallying point, a gathering place and a place for discussion for all those who are willing to be part of the British Resistance, and who actually care about saving this country from the disastrous position it is currently in. I will be putting up links to allied and sympathetic sites and inviting other contributors to write material, and of course for all and sundry to comment and discuss. Remember what Churchill, one of the greatest of Britons said, and take heart:

We shall never surrender!


2 Responses to “Time for a British Resistance?”

  1. mozzer1973 Says:

    I could have written exactly these words.

    Increasingly over recents months, possibly even years, I have grown wary, suspicious and possibly even afraid of the growing power and influence of the European Union over affairs here in Britain. I see it as an undemocratic body that has, through subversive means, been able to increase its power and influence unchallenged.

    Something does not sit well with me about an organisation which is unelected dictating the affairs of a country that has a democratically elected government…regardless of whether or not that particular government shares my own views. The British people use their vote to select a representative government…it is that body that is answerable to the British people and it is that body that should control the affairs of this nation.

    The recent “treaty” appears to be the final step in stripping this country of it’s ability to independently make laws and to govern. We have never been asked for our opinion on the European experiment…no referendum, no open debate, no discourse just successive governments taking us deeper and deeper into this organisation.

    “Curiously, it so happens that the question ‘Who governs Britain?’ which at the moment is being frivolously posed, might be taken, in real earnest, as the title of what I have to say. This is the first and last election at which the British people will be given the opportunity to decide whether their country is to remain a democratic nation, governed by the will of its own electorate expressed in its own Parliament, or whether it will become one province in a new European superstate under institutions which know nothing of the political rights and liberties that we have so long taken for granted”.[

    The above were the remarks of Enoch Powell in 1974! Here we are in 2008 and the situation has simply worsened. I realise this isn’t very coherent…I am rambling but I really do worry about what recent developments in Europe will mean for my country especially when the main political parties have already decided to do nothing to oppose the European Super State.

    Depressing really.

  2. lahgbr Says:

    Yes – thanks Mozzer1973. It’s amazing that people were warning us so clearly of the danger that long ago, and no-one wanted to listen. But then I remember the referendum on the EEC – there was a massive government-funded ‘yes’ campaign and a tiny privately-funded ‘no’ campaign. The majority of people knew little about the issues, and still believed their own government when quisling Heath assured us it was all about trade, so they voted ‘yes’. I voted ‘no’, even then, by the way!
    It is depressing but we should not give up hope. Nowadays the majority of British people *know* they’ve been conned – at the moment they don’t know what to do about it, but the issue is not going away, and I believe eventually the people here (and in other European countries) will rise up and call a halt. It may take time, but the important thing is to keep the flame of resistance alive.

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